A closer look at computer-based exams - Q&A with a teacher

A closer look at computer-based exams - Q&A with a teacher

Do you have reservations about enrolling your students in a computer-based exam? ...because you have adequately prepared them for a paper-based exam and, as a result, a computer-based exam does not seem to be appropriate? There are no reasons why computer-based tests shouldn't be considered as well. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of computer-based exams and why Mr Bischofberger and his school, BZW Weinfelden, choose them over paper-based exams. 

A closer look at computer-based exams - Q&A with a teacher

A closer look at computer-based exams Q&A with Mr Bischofberger, BZW Weinfelden

What is your experience with computer-based exams?

We are happy that Cambridge offers computer-based tests as more and more students bring laptops to class. Therefore, the students use more online material for their preparation.

What is the feedback you receive from students?

The students prefer the smaller locations – computer-based exams are normally held in computer rooms with up to 24 working stations. Another positive aspect is that the exam results are available faster.

Why do you choose to take computer-based exams?

According to my students, they feel like they are in their own world during their exam because they can work quietly and have no distractions from other candidates. The texts in the writing paper look perfect as it is much easier to make corrections and the software counts the words automatically.

If you are interested in computer-based exams and are from a school in the regions Berne, Lucerne, Basel, Aargau, Solothurn, join our webinar on June 17th, 2021.

Registrations for this event are closed. Please contact events@swiss-exams.ch for the recording.

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