Empowering your students – developing learner autonomy

Empowering your students – developing learner autonomy

Although not a new topic, this has certainly become more relevant than ever. Online teaching, which we teachers all had to get involved with recently, has shown us that students who know how and are motivated to learn on their own are a necessity when teaching remotely and not just “nice to have.”

Empowering your students – developing learner autonomy

How do we motivate students to want to learn independently? Which traditional and which online resources are available to help us guide them and enable us to encourage them on this learning journey?

The presenters we have engaged for this upcoming online seminar are experienced teachers and will show us many possibilities to achieve the goal of empowering our students. They will introduce us to methods we can employ to help our students establish excellent study habits and learning strategies that are necessary for them to be successful.

Different ways of working with course books, reading programmes and dictionaries will be analysed, to mention just a few. Exciting online tools and platforms will be looked at and the opportunity for hands-on activities in break-out rooms will be available with the emphasis on how this can be applied to good preparation for the Cambridge English Exams at all CEFR levels.

Come and join us for this seminar that will give you new ideas for your classroom, whether virtual or traditional.

Lori Kaithan, CEM & CEO of Swiss Exams

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