Exam dates 2022 now open for registration - Reserve dates now!

Exam dates 2022 now open for registration - Reserve dates now!

Cambridge Exam Dates for 2022 are open now! Make sure to register your students early. Cambridge exam dates for 2022 are now open for registration. Do not hesitate and register or have your students register now with Swiss Exams. When reserving early, you can choose the desired exam date for your students. Seats fill up quickly!

Exam dates 2022 now open for registration - Reserve dates now!

How to reserve dates

Reserving Exam seats for your students with Swiss Exams is easy. The quickest way to reserve exam seats is with Swiss Exams Access. All you need to do is to click on the button below to go to your Swiss Exams Access - School Access.  If you do not have a school account yet, please register for one by clicking on this link. (no charges, takes less than 1 minute). Click here is the link to see all exam dates 2022. Reserve exam seats here - Swiss Exams Access

Please note the following: All exam dates are provided by Cambridge Assessment English and cannot be chosen freely. Exam dates fill up quickly, but we will do our best to accommodate your candidates according to your needs.

Partner of Swiss Exams

State-of-the-art registration solutions for your students, choose from many computer-based and paper-based exam dates, direct access to results and free support material and events for teachers are just a few benefits our partner profit from. Our easily manageable platform (Swiss Exams Access) ensures very little admin effort for schools/teachers to keep an overview and manage students’ reservations, registrations, payments and more.

If you are interested in becoming a partner school and learning about more services we provide our partner schools with, please contact us here.

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