New Cambridge English Exam Regulations 2022

New Cambridge English Exam Regulations 2022

Please read this information carefully to be fully aware of the newest regulations at Cambridge English Exams and let your students know.

New Cambridge English Exam Regulations 2022

We would like to inform preparation centres of a new exam day regulation at Cambridge English Exams. Please forward this information to your students.

New regulations for watches

Watches will be banned from all exams from 2022.

Cambridge Assessment regulations state that: From January 2022, watches will be banned from the entire exam day and should be treated as electronic items. It is no longer acceptable for candidates to remove and leave them on their desk. Candidates should be advised to remove and leave them at home or they should be collected with mobile phones.

The exam day supervisor will inform candidates of this regulation and instruct them where to place their watches at the start of the exam. Swiss Exams offers Deadzone bags in which students will be able to store their watches in a secure space. The deadzone bag lies on the floor beside the students during the entire exam.

We appreciate if preparation centres can inform their students of this new regulation so that candidates know what to expect on their exam day.

We would also like to remind preparation centres of the rules regarding electronic devices:

  • Candidates are permitted to bring mobile phones and smartwatches, but these items must be placed in a deadzone bag for the duration of the exam.

  • Candidates must not bring other electronic devices such as laptops, ipads, tablets, ipods, mp3 players to the exam day. These items are not allowed in the exam room and secure storage is not provided at exam venues for these items.

Here is a PDF to download explaining what students are (not) allowed.

Notice to Candidates

Thank you for your support!

Your Swiss Exams Team

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