Remote exams under secure conditions

Remote exams under secure conditions

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the way we teach in the online sphere but has also impacted the methods of testing and assessing.

Remote exams under secure conditions

Most concerns in online testing or assessment surround the question of integrity and security of this method of delivering exams. Hence, teachers and schools are curious about how we handle the online testing environment, how supervision is done and how we prevent cheating. An understanding of today’s state-of-the-art remote proctoring methods usually eliminate concerns and fears regarding the security of the exams, or the lack thereof. So how does it work?

Prior to starting the test, the identity of the candidate is checked by an online proctor/supervisor, a human being, also requiring the room to be thoroughly scanned, by moving the camera around the room. The proctor remains with the candidate throughout the exam, observing the behaviour of the candidate. The candidate’s actions are tracked in order to pick up any irregularities and suspicious behaviour, such as lighting changes, unusual noises and looking off screen consistently. The human online proctor is supported by state-of-the-art AI technology, also on the “outlook” of irregularities, which could suggest that a candidate is attempting to cheat.  It goes without saying, that the candidate is not allowed to leave the room and no one is allowed to enter the room during the exam. If the system picks up any unusual behaviour, a proctor can review the recorded incident after the event.

Swiss Exams uses remote proctoring for the Cambridge Linguaskill test. If you are interested in accurately and safely assessing English levels with an online exam, then click here to learn more about remote proctored Cambridge Linguaskill.

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