Research Notes Issue 68: Independent vocabulary learning: A ‘teacherless’ approach

Research Notes Issue 68: Independent vocabulary learning: A ‘teacherless’ approach

The following gives you an insight into independent vocabulary learning. An interesting article from the Research Notes of Cambridge Assessment English. AIDA SAHUTOGLU ST GILES LONDON CENTRAL

Research Notes Issue 68: Independent vocabulary learning: A ‘teacherless’ approach


Nowadays, learner autonomy (LA) seems to be widely promoted in the EFL world through offering students a variety of independent learning strategies (LS).

In my teaching experience and through my involvement in study skills co-ordination at St Giles London Central, I discovered that although most learners initially seem motivated to apply these techniques, very few of them adopt new study skills permanently. One of the reasons for such rejection is that in the modern classroom setting, methodology and teacher-centred coursebooks have led to many students disregarding the ‘teacherless’ experience as useless and counter-productive. They may spend a fortune on a language course and expect to be spoon-fed by the teacher. Those who do try to study independently might often lack the practical knowledge of effective LS and rely on their established learning methods. Although I was keen to explore a wide range of LS, as a complete novice in research, I felt overwhelmed by the need to help students with all their skills at once. So, I decided to narrow down the scope of this study to one particular skill, and after conducting a pre-research survey, I discovered that most students prioritised vocabulary over other skills and systems.

Thus, the primary aim of this study was to try to find the missing link between vocabulary strategy training and autonomous strategy application.

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