What events will this new academic year offer?

What events will this new academic year offer?

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we are excited to announce that we have new webinars lined up for the coming school year. Make sure to stay updated and save your seat.

What events will this new academic year offer?

Are your students getting it? How to find out!

In this series of two webinars, one with hands-on activities, we will be looking at how to test the progress of your students preparing for a Cambridge English Qualification.  What goes into a good test that will show you if your students are getting what you are teaching them…. are they on the right track making progress or where is more support needed, etc. At state secondary schools in Switzerland, teachers can be expected to write an average of 50 tests per schoolyear yet get little support on how to write a good test.  The aim of these two webinars is to show you what a good test should contain in order to be reliable and effective. Our presenter, Tim Black, is a Cambridge Assessment presenter with many years of experience teaching and testing at the state secondary school level (Berufsschule).

Webinar dates:

  • 1 September 2021           17:00 to 18:00 pm
  • 15 September 2021    17:00 to 18:30 pm

Registration has been closed Please contact Swiss Exams for the recording.

ETAS Professional Development Day

Join the ETAS professional development day on the 11th of September 2021. Our speaker Choreanne Frei will be focussing on “Decoding Listening– Setting your Learners Up for Success”. All too often, listening skills are tested rather than taught in our classrooms. But how can we help our learners to build up their listening skills? In this workshop we will look at how students use both top-down (meaning-building) and bottom-up (decoding) processes to access and process listening texts.

The features of connected speech make it challenging for learners to successfully decode connected speech, so we need to have effective and efficient strategies to support our learners become competent and confident listeners. We will look at activities that enable our learners to become better at decoding, and how this in turn can also help them to achieve better exam results.

Would you like to join us?

Registration for this event has been closed

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