Back to school: fresh and healthy into the new school year

Back to school: fresh and healthy into the new school year

To provide teachers with some fresh energy for the new school year, we surprised our partner schools with a fruit basket for their teachers’ room. We wish everyone a healthy start!

Back to school: fresh and healthy into the new school year

Every year we think of ways to show our appreciation to our clients for their loyalty and cooperation, as a Cambridge English Exam preparation centre with Swiss Exams. This year we again wanted to surprise our schools with healthy fruit for the new school year. Most of the fruit was gone before pictures could even be taken. The teachers were hungry! Here are some reactions from our partners schools:

Vielen Dank für die Früchtebox! Sie war innert zwei Stunden um zwei Drittel geleert! Herzliches Dankeschön - Simon Eckert, KV Wirtschaftsschule Chur

"We from Budding Blossoms English Institute, honestly and sincerely take an opportunity to say 'Wow' and millions of thanks and gratitude for all your great and astonishing hard team work. You all are part of our 'Pack' and you are doing a freaking wonderful job to bring laurels to our institution. This year, really, we feel as though we are in cloud number 9 because we have achieved 99% result in Cambridge exams conducted in the month of May and June 2021(Lucerne). Without your timely support and quick response, it would not have been possible. And also, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the fruit basket to boost up our energy and to motivate to start the new academic year and to cheer us up to get rid of this Corona tension and fear."

Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Früchtebox und die schöne Überraschung, die uns sehr gefreut hat! Die Überraschung ist Euch wirklich perfekt gelungen und die Energie können wir sehr gut gebrauchen. - Monika Bär, Minerva Schweiz AG

We are looking forward to serving our schools and their students again this coming school year. As always, if we can support your school in any way, please contact us.

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