Extra Exam Preparation Support for "Kantonsschulen" – CESP Programme

Extra Exam Preparation Support for "Kantonsschulen" – CESP Programme

This acronym stands for Cambridge English Support Programme (CESP). This is a programme that supports the students at our preparation centre in Chur, the Bündner Kantonsschule, who must pass the C1 CAE exam at the end of their last year there. 

Extra Exam Preparation Support for "Kantonsschulen" – CESP Programme

The programme is not exclusive to this school and can be organised for any school wanting such support.

What is it? The programme consists of 32 extra lessons (8 times 4 hours each) and they take place every second Saturday morning from mid-September to the beginning of February when the students take their exam. The content of the course aims at giving the students extra support with exam tips and lots of practice with the timing, the format and the task achievement aspect of the exam.

The programme begins with a level test to assess progress. In addition to the lessons, the programme includes a mock speaking test day where the students get a try at the speaking exam and get feedback from the examiners. The support course is totally flexible and can be adjusted to any school situation as far as level, time and duration is concerned.

The CESP is running for the fourth time this school year and, for the first time, we have organised a C2 Cambridge Proficiency group. It is a very successful programme and if you would like information about it or are interested in starting it at your school, please get in touch with us.

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