Is it safe to do exams now?

Is it safe to do exams now?

From the 8th to the 10th September there was a global online conference called Cambridge Live Experience. 

Is it safe to do exams now?

This conference was jointly organised by Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press. I was asked by Cambridge to do a presentation titled: “Is it safe to do exams now?”

Judging from the many registrations for this presentation (approx. 5’000), it was a topic of interest to many centres and teachers. It showed how exams are run by Swiss Exams in this period of crisis.  Of course, what was shown applies mainly to Switzerland but is probably not that different to other European countries. If you would like to see how we at Swiss Exams run the exams during Corona times, watch the following YouTube video. We are confident that candidates as well as exam staff feel safe with us during this unprecedented time.

Participants were able to watch many other interesting presentations. All were recorded and can be seen on YouTube.Many of the topics pointed at the area of learner autonomy and how we as teachers can get students to be more independent in their learning and how we can empower them to take on more responsibility for their own learning.

These topics lead right into the theme of our Spring Seminar in 2021.

“Empowering your learners – developing learner autonomy”

6/ 7 March 2021**

Please save the date and watch our upcoming Newsletters for regular updates. Registration will begin in December.

Lor Kaithan

CEM / CEO Swiss Exams

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