“Linguaskill at Home” now available via Swiss Exam Skills

“Linguaskill at Home” now available via Swiss Exam Skills

Swiss Exams Skills is a new platform which manages the process of language learning and testing by consolidating the customer journey of the candidate, the school or company and the assessment provider. Linguaskill is the first of 5 assessments now onboarded to the platform.

“Linguaskill at Home” now available via Swiss Exam Skills

We have recently announced that Linguaskill from Cambridge is the first full online language assessment offer from Cambridge Assessment English which can be done from home under secure exam conditions. Linguaskill has now been onboarded to our new website, called Swiss Exams Skills, which allows schools, companies and organisations to participate in the customer journey by offering Linguaskill to their clientele, be that students, employees or applicants alike.

More specifically, schools and organisations can create an account on Swiss Exams Skills and generate test vouchers which they can assign to their test candidates. From there, the candidate’s journey takes him/her through an online registration and assessment process, after which the test results are provided to the organisation on the platform within 48 hours.

“We are very excited that we managed to bring the needs of the candidate, the organisation and us as exam organiser under one roof, making this the most efficient learning and assessment process seen in our organisation’s history. We hope to change the assessment landscape in Switzerland by employing this new tech-driven approach and making it available to all schools and organisations in need of efficient language assessment” – Pete Kaithan, COO Swiss Exams

If you are a school or an organisation interested in Swiss Exams Skills and Linguaskill from Cambridge as an English language assessment solution for your organisation, please contact us and make an appointment. We are very happy to explain the benefits for your organisation.

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