The need for flexibility has increased - The future of testing

The need for flexibility has increased - The future of testing

Machine learning is changing the future and the future of testing. Learn more about why there is more need for flexibility and what solutions Swiss Exams has to offer. 

The need for flexibility has increased - The future of testing

As the Covid-19 lockdown measures have forced many of us to work from home, remote working has been on everyone’s lips and in the spotlight like never before. In a challenging, fast-paced, and competitive world, new tools and infrastructure help us to work smarter (from home and in the office) and adapt rapidly to meet customer demand. Artificial Intelligence changes and optimises processes now and in the future. The combo of all these characteristics/features and “customer demand” is exactly what Swiss Exams has been looking into for the past 12 months, obviously for the topic of testing. Read on to learn more.

What customers want

Think about yourself as a customer. What is it that you want? And why? Answers are usually:

  • A user-friendly website where I can quickly find what I want and need with a good offer
  • Just a few clicks to a successful purchase
  • Order shipment as fast as possible (preferably the next day or in an email in less than 24 hours)

What has changed?

We’re getting used to this. We can do almost everything with “1 Click”. This is why we expect other services to work just like that ... for example “TESTING”. We would rather do tests from home, on-demand whenever it is best for us. We want the results in our inbox the next morning, in 24 hours or simply as fast as possible. In short, the need for more flexible, on-demand tests with fast results has increased and is still doing so.

How does AI and customer demand meet?

To serve these customer needs best, Cambridge Assessment English introduced Linguaskill with remote proctoring. Remote proctoring or in other words: the future of testing.

Interested? Learn more about the benefits of Linguaskill and exciting news about the Swiss Exams offer in our next newsletter and events coming up.

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