How to access statistics of your class

How to access statistics of your class

Preparation centres can access group performance reports which show how students performed by skill, by grade, by Cambridge English Scale score and to compare performance by year and against national and global averages. Preparation Centres can also see reports for their internal candidates. The reports cover all Cambridge English Qualifications from Starters to Proficiency and Business Certificates.

How to access statistics of your class

How are the reports accessed?

Preparation centres can view reports from their own candidates by logging on to the Online Results Service.

What are the benefits?

These reports will help to understand how students perform and progress over time as well as prepare future teaching and next steps with Cambridge English Qualifications.

How do the reports work and what do they look like?

The user guide describes in more detail what the reports are and how they work and includes example screenshots.

Are you not yet a „Preparation Centre“?

It is easy to become a „Preparation Centre„ of Swiss Exams. By preparing a minimum of 4 candidates per year for a Cambridge English exam and registering them with Swiss Exams you are eligible for the “Preparation Centre” benefits.

Here are just a few of the offers and services we provide in this partnership:

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