Online teaching with MS Teams – new webinars focus on enhancing online classrooms

Online teaching with MS Teams – new webinars focus on enhancing online classrooms

Looking back at a very successful webinar series on the online meeting platform Zoom, we are continuing our Swiss Exams Digital Fall with a webinar series dedicated to teaching on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Online teaching with MS Teams – new webinars focus on enhancing online classrooms

The topics that will be covered are the following: teaching interactively on Teams, using breakout rooms, giving more control to your students, and using the whiteboard.

On the informational side we have a webinar planned that will explain everything you need to know about the computer-based Cambridge English Exam. After the webinar you will know how computer-based exams work, what the benefits of CB exams are, why your classes should consider CB exams and why the demand is constantly increasing.

Please use the registrations forms below to reserve your seat for the upcoming webinar. We hope to see you in one of our webinars soon!

Swiss Exams Webinar - Computer-based Cambridge English Exams explained

Are you hesitant to enroll your students for a computer-based exam? Is not knowing how computer-based exams work the reason for that? If that’s the case, you should join this webinar.

Based on feedback from partner schools, teachers and our webinar participants, we were asked to organise a webinar about exams on the computer. Join us for a one-hour webinar on 4th November giving detailed information about computer-based exams.

After this webinar you will know the benefits of computer-based exams, why you should consider computer-based exams for your class and understand why the demand is constantly increasing.

Date/Time:              Wednesday, 4th November 2020, 5-6 pm

Where:                    Online («Microsoft Teams»- link will be sent to you before the webinar)

Host:                       Swiss Exams

Registrations are closed for this event

Using the Whiteboard and Giving More Control to the Students on MS Teams: Swiss Exams Webinar with Tim Black

Join us on 11th November for a 60-minute webinar exploring the whiteboard function of MS Teams and how it can be used to teach interactively. We will also look at how we can give more control to learners during their lessons.

This webinar is open to all teachers teaching for Cambridge English Exams in Switzerland.

Hosts:            Swiss Exams

Presenter:     Tim Black

Where:           MS Teams Online Webinar

Date:              11.11.2020 17:00 - 18:00

Registrations are closed for this event

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