“Welcome to the new school year” fruit boxes – stay well

“Welcome to the new school year” fruit boxes – stay well

After a challenging end of the last school year due to the ever-present Corona Virus, schools are starting again after the summer break.

“Welcome to the new school year” fruit boxes – stay well

To provide teachers with some fresh energy for the new school year, we surprised our partner schools with a fruit basket for the school’s office or the teachers’ room. It is also a way of showing our appreciation to our clients for their loyalty and cooperation as a Cambridge English exams preparation centre with Swiss Exams.

"First of all, I would like to place my sincere thanks and gratitude from my inner heart and heartfelt appreciation for your love towards our educational institution and about our health. And also thank you very much for sending the fruit basket as a token of love and your concern about our health.

Once again I give applause for your wonderful team who work tirelessly day and night for making us comfort.  Bravo!!!"

  • S.Nirmala, Budding Blossoms English Institute

We are looking forward to serving our schools and their students again this coming school year. As always, if we can support your school in any way, please contact us.

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