Why should your students use the Test & Train digital learning tool?

Why should your students use the Test & Train digital learning tool?

Test & Train is a digital learning tool. The students can use it from everywhere. No matter if they work on it from home on the computer, or during a train ride on their mobile phone. Test & Train is the perfect preparation in addition to school lessons. 

Why should your students use the Test & Train digital learning tool?

Test & Train and its advantages

Next to the in-class preparation, the Test & Train Self-study is great for the students who would like to improve their knowledge in addition to the English classes at school. They can work on it on their own but can also have exercises or test samples assigned to them by their teacher. Test & Train is very user-friendly and easy to understand for students and teachers alike.

Test & Train is available in two different levels. The B2 First and the C1 Advanced.

It contains hundreds of questions in six sets of exams to improve the skills in reading and use of English.

Looking at details

  • Essential hints

Before a student completes an exam task, he can look up the so-called “essential hints” that help to understand the task better.

  • Instant feedback

During all these tasks, they can get instant feedback, why something is correct or incorrect.

  • Unlimited attempts

Students have unlimited attempts, and they can do it exercises in their speed.

  • Sample answers & comments from examiners

The writing skills can be improved with sample answers and comments from examiners.

  • The real experience - tests assigned to students by teachers

Teachers can assign exercises but also tests to their students. The mock test is a super tool to also test knowledge under pressure as time is limited just like in the real exam.

This Test & Train self-study online exam preparation gives the students the responsibility to prepare themselves well on their own (in addition to the classes at school) and even track their improvement.

Please let your students know and share these links with them for the B2 First and C1 Advanced.

Test & Train B2 First

Test & Train C1 Advanced

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