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Swiss Exams Academy

With the heavy load of school subjects at secondary and vocational schools, commercial schools, gymnasiums, and higher education institutions, it can be an additional burden to have to prepare for the Cambridge English Exams. This becomes a problem for students and teachers as the time is not available in the regular English lessons to cover what would be very important to know for a successful exam result.

Support course for your class

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Support programme for students

The Swiss Exams Academy is a support programme for the successful completion of the Cambridge English exam at various levels. The course supports exam takers in their further development of the English language alongside their schooling, as they are prepared for the Cambridge English exam in a targeted and individual way.

Digital teaching

  • 100% tailor-made and individualised preparation course for the appropriate level
  • All online, recorded, interactive and self-paced. No travelling, no time wasted, convenient and practical from home
  • Cambridge English exam experts lead the course
  • Special offer! This kind of preparation is only available at Swiss Exams to this extent and at this price
Girl with braids and long dark hair sitting on a cushion. She has her laptop in her hands and is taking the exam preparation course by Swiss Exams "Swiss Exams Academy".

Course programme

The online classes are led by Cambridge English exam experts and prepare students for the Cambridge English exams. An oral exam is conducted as part of the course so that particiapnts are then ready to pass the exam.

The course programme includes the following:

  • Placement test: Linguaskill test incl. result (must be taken before the first lesson)
  • 30 Online lessons, interactive training and exercises on the exam sections reading, writing, listening, speaking, incl. grammar and vocabulary
  • Learning material: Cambridge University Press Cambridge English Trainer Series book for First and Advanced, specially developed teaching material for Proficiency and digital learning with Test & Train
  • Homework with feedback and assessment of performance
  • Test of the oral examination incl. feedback
  • Per course day: 1 hour lesson with Cambridge English exam experts, 1 hour time for exam-specific tasks and 30 min Q&A with exam experts

If you would like to know more about this project and why it could be a success for your school/class, get in touch.

8 Reasons why students should now take a Cambridge English Exam

There is no doubt that the significance of holding an English qualification can contribute to a competitive CV on the job market. Proving English Skills with an internationally recognised English certificate is what will make students stand out. Additionally, more and more higher education institutions and companies in Switzerland request a certificate for admission. The Swiss Exams Academy is here to help students successfully pass the Cambridge English exam.


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  1. Certificates by Cambridge Assessment English are the world’s most recognised English exams and tests. More than 25’000 educational institutions and organisations in 130 countries rely on secure exams and tests by Cambridge and recognise them.
  2. Many higher education institutions recognise Cambridge English qualifications as entry requirements to a large variety of programs, in Switzerland and abroad.
  3. Holding an English language qualification can contribute to a competitive CV on the job market.
  4. It can be expected that jobs in international businesses will increase. There is hardly an international job in which English language skills are not at the centre of basic requirements in anyone’s skills portfolio.
  5. Looking at reforms going on in education, one can see that the focus is on skills- rather than knowledge-based education. What people can really do and which skills they can employ matters more than how much they know. Since Cambridge English exams have always been skills-focused, we anticipate that their importance will increase in education and on the market.
  6. It’s the perfect timing to take the exam now as you are now in the habit of writing exams since you still study English in school. Taking the exam now will be less effort than taking the exam later.
  7. A Certificate shows the knowledge of complete language skills because it tests all skills: Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading.
  8. The communication skills you learn while preparing for them are beneficial to students for the rest of their life, whether they work, study or travel.

If your students want to study/work abroad, want to stand out with strong assets in their CV, they want to start their own business or develop their career, they should choose to take an internationally recognised English exam, whether this is a Cambridge English Exam, an IELTS test or Linguaskill General/Business English Test.

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