Exam Management

Exam Management

Swiss Exams – Experts in Exam Management – specialises on exam management and is responsible for the marketing, organisation, and execution of exams throughout Switzerland. 

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With over 33 years of exam management experience, Swiss Exams helps clients find the most suitable solutions for their needs and offer all-inclusive exam management services. In all our processes, quality and security are the top priorities.

International exam boards

We represent a number of successful international exam boards in Switzerland. Swiss Exams has been awarded numerous times for its services to these exam boards. Awards include “Outstanding Service to Customers” and “Innovation in Technology” for our achievements. The latter came with the introduction of computer-based Cambridge Exams in Switzerland.

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Exam marketing, promotion and communication

International exam boards rely on our know-how in marketing international exams in Switzerland. We have a vast network in the Swiss educational environment and have successfully been promoting these exams in Switzerland. We have won an international award from Cambridge Assessment English for our marketing achievements.

Recruitment of exam staff

We recruit staff who are trained as supervisors, invigilators or examiners. Exam staff receive comprehensive training at the start and are continuously trained on changes and updates so that all candidates always experience the same conditions. Security is one of the major issues in exam management today. Our staff are highly-trained individuals with the necessary skill set and awareness in regard to exam security.

Exam logistics

Exams require that the right material is in the right place at the right time. Our clients can rely on our exceptional and thorough planning, processes and execution skills in regard to exam logistics.

A big exam hall filled with long chairs. Students sit on the tables to write their exam. In the front is a presentation shown with a clock and some exam information.

Everything for a smooth exam experience

Many exam dates shown for exams in Switzerland by Swiss Exams.

Exam registration and exam day

The registration process is very important for candidates, schools and teachers alike. We have developed a specialised registration and back-end system which allows us to effectively register and process candidates online. Our system makes sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time with the proper information so that each individual experiences a successful exam day.

Exam support HelpDesk

For our clients, candidates, schools, teachers and our exam staff, Swiss Exams runs a 24/7 exam support helpdesk. This service which offers a solution at all times, is critically important to successful exam management.

Exam result and certificate management

Very important for candidates is, that they get their results in good time. Result management is among our fastest processes while guaranteeing the proper security standards.

Exam management advisory and consulting services

Exam management can be a tricky undertaking and sharing experiences means eliminating errors and increasing the quality of the exam experience as a whole. Over the last two or more decades we have gained unique experiences in managing paper-based and computer-based exam.\

By working with other experts and education professionals, we can combine our strengths to offer learners enhanced quality, choice and opportunity. Become a partner and fill in the form to meet online (without obligation).

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