For Students

For Students

A completely new phase of life begins when students go to high school, start an apprenticeship, change to university, move to a different country for an exchange, or seek a job opportunity. We do more for students and support them on their individual ways to their future.

See where our exams can take you!

Learning English is more than just exams and grades. Our in-depth qualifications can help you develop the confidence to communicate effectively and achieve your goals.

Be future proof and future ready!

Swiss Exams former CEO Lori Kaithan hands out a language certificate to a student. They shake hands because the student passed the exam.

There is no doubt that the significance of holding a language certificate can contribute to a competitive CV on the job market. Proving language skills with an internationally recognised certificate is what will make you stand out. Additionally, more and more higher education institutions in Switzerland request a language certificate for admission. Upskill your career now!

We offer the following globally-recognised language exams and modern work skills that upgrade your CV:

Upskill your career - we help you succeed

Swiss Exams candidates are among the happiest in Switzerland. Why? Large selection of exam dates near you across Switzerland, no stress when changing your details, late registrations are possible, a smooth process on exam day, advantages for exams on the computer and quick results. You also benefit from:

  • Swiss Exams Access: The all-in-one tool with all your exam details at hand
  • Voucher for self-study exam prep material (receipt right after registration)
  • Free online preparation material, exam on computer and on paper, speaking test partner arrangements and Exam Retake Option (Cambridge Exams)
  • Changes after registration until registration deadlines without surcharge
  • Fast results (quicker with computer-based exams) & certificate sent by registered mail

Aim for the Best of the Year

English, German and French exam preparation books in displayed on a shelf.

Bring your language skills to the next level. We support you with training materials that really boost your exam success. Whether you take an English, German or French examination, we offer the best exam preparation for all of them.

Flexible digital learning

We also offer a Cambridge English Support Course online called Swiss Exams Academy and digital learning tools for English Learners Test & Train.

Swiss Exams Skills

How can you prepare yourself for future jobs or make yourself ready for future skills? The job market is changing and modern skills are needed. Swiss Exams Skills is here to help you face the future with the right skills.


Assistance for candidates

We are here for you. Here’s how to reach us in no time: Select your request, enter your exam details and submit your query.

Assistance for schools and teachers

Our staff is happy to help and advise you competently. We look forward to your call or email.