Test & Train at a discount in our Online Shop

Test & Train at a discount in our Online Shop

Why should your students use the Test & Train digital learning tool? This online platform provides them with easy access, is user-friendly, contains a variety of exercises, and allows you to assign them test samples.

Test & Train at a discount in our Online Shop

Students can use Test & Train everywhere. Whether they are at home on their computer or on their mobile phone while riding the train. Test & Train is the perfect preparation in addition to school lessons.

Looking at details

  • Essential hints: Before completing an exam task, a student can look up the so-called “essential hints” that help to understand the task better.
  • Instant feedback: Throughout all the tasks, students receive immediate feedback on why something is correct or incorrect.
  • Unlimited attempts: Students have unlimited attempts, and they can complete exercises at their own speed.
  • Sample answers & comments from examiners: The writing skills can be improved with sample answers and comments from examiners.
  • The real experience - tests assigned to students by teachers: Teachers can assign exercises but also tests to their students. These mock tests are an excellent tool for testing knowledge under time constraints, just like in the real exam.

And now Test & Train is at a discount in our Online Shop. Test & Train is available in 3 different levels now: C1 Advanced, B2 First, and B1 Preliminary for Schools!

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