The new Linguaskill Business: Frequently asked questions

The new Linguaskill Business: Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for understanding the new Linguaskill Business by Cambridge, the successor to the retiring BEC, designed specifically for Swiss teachers (and candidates). Let's address the most pressing questions and provide additional clarity on this new certificated assessment for business English.

The new Linguaskill Business: Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of Linguaskill Business by Cambridge?

  • Four modules test: Assesses reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.
  • Highly secure: Features strong security measures for high-stakes use.
  • All online: Fully online, including the speaking section where candidates respond to onscreen prompts.
  • On demand: Flexible scheduling at any chosen venue.
  • Multi-level: Suitable for all levels from B1 to C2.
  • Sophisticated algorithms: Utilizes adaptive testing to gauge proficiency.
  • Fast results: Delivers results in 3-5 working days.
  • Certificate & in-depth reporting: Provides a certificate and detailed performance reports.

Candidates sitting the new Linguaskill Business with Swiss Exams

How is the Linguaskill Business exam different from BEC?

Both of these English exams are designed by Cambridge and are certificated, but there are still some differences.

CEFR Levels B1 - C1 B1 - C2
CES Scale score 140 - 199 140 - 210
Delivery Paper Based/Computer Based Online Computer-based
Test type Linear Multi-level
Papers Listening & Reading, Writing, Speaking Listening & Reading, Writing, Speaking
Exam length 2hrs 20mins - 3hrs 2hrs 30mins
Time required for results 6 weeks plus 5 working days initially
Exam dates May & November Available throughout year
Certificate Yes - Paper Yes - Digital
Test day security Premium Premium
Access to results Via Cambridge Total access to all candidate results, current and historical

What are the content and task requirements of Linguaskill Business?

  • Read and Select: Participants read a notice or short text and select the most accurate description.
  • Gapped Sentences and Multiple-Choice Gap Fill: Test-takers choose the appropriate word to fill a gap from 3-4 options.
  • Open Gap Fill: Candidates fill in missing words in short texts.
  • Extended Reading: Longer texts are provided, followed by multiple-choice questions.
  • Listen and Select: A short audio clip is played, after which candidates answer a multiple-choice question.
  • Extended Listening: Extended audio is presented, accompanied by a set of multiple-choice questions.
  • Writing: This component entails a longer task where candidates are expected to craft a report, as opposed to one short and one lengthy piece as in the BEC.
  • Speaking: Examinees respond to prompts displayed onscreen. The duration remains consistent with that of the current BEC Speaking Test.

Student preparing for new Linguaskill Business with Swiss Exams

When are Linguaskill Business results released?

Results for Reading and Listening are immediate, and results for other skills follow within 3-5 working days.

How long will it take to get a certificate?

Since the certificate is issued digitally, candidates won't have to wait for a physical copy. It will be accessible concurrently with the results, typically 3-5 days post-exam, through the Metrica platform.

How long is a Linguaskill Business certificate valid for?

A Linguaskill Business certificate does not have a fixed expiry date; it is up to the accepting organizations to decide the acceptable recency of the test.

Happy student obtained the English language certificate

What preparation materials are available for the Linguaskill Business test?

Discover our selection of Cambridge-recommended preparation materials ideal for Linguaskill Business.

Cambridge note: Starting January 2025, a Linguaskill Trainer book by Cambridge will become available, featuring 6 practice tests and an additional online practice test.

What are the last Cambridge Business English Certificates (BEC)?

  • BEC Preliminary: Sat 1st June 2024
  • BEC Vantage: Thurs 6th June 2024
  • BEC Higher: Sat 15th June 2024

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The new Linguaskill Business is on its way

…and we, at Swiss Exams, are thoroughly preparing for this exam. We are testing everything to ensure a seamless and user-friendly exam experience for all candidates.

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