What comes after BEC? The last exam dates and what are the BEC alternatives?

What comes after BEC? The last exam dates and what are the BEC alternatives?

Cambridge Business English Certificates (BEC) will be phased out by June 2024. However, you still have the opportunity to register for this exam as we offer BEC on the computer untill the end of 2023 and in 2024, there will be one paper-based date in June 2024.

What comes after BEC? The last exam dates and what are the BEC alternatives?

The Business English Certificates (BEC) by Cambridge will reach the end of their shelf-life in June 2024. We are preparing for this change and we have been in contact with many of you. However, until this time you can still register your students for BEC. Swiss Exams will still offer BEC exams on the computer until the end of 2023 and one paper-based exam in June 2024. So, check the dates and get registered.

What will happen after the summer of 2024?

There are a number of options and you may just switch to an alternative exam. We offer 3 very convenient BEC replacements: IELTS, Cambridge Main Suite Exams, and Linguaskill. Swiss Exams is the only exam centre in Switzerland to offer these 3 alternatives. And, based on our own experience, we are confident that these options will meet the various needs of schools and your students in testing candidates’ business English language skills.

Will all BEC materials be thrown out of the window?

We know that this change has other knock-on effects, and you are perhaps considering throwing all your class preparation materials out of the window. Yet you don’t really have to do this. You may simply improve them and utilise them as BEC test substitutes. How? We discussed this in our webinars. Give us a shout and we will send you the links.

Do you have further questions about BEC exams?

Get in touch with us. We also offer individual meetings, where we can explain to you what alternative would be suitable just for your school/students.

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