Catch up and stay tuned

Catch up and stay tuned

We had some great webinars these past couple of months and we would like to share some highlights with you. Also, we are excited to announce that we have new webinars planed for the coming school year! Read on to learn more.

Catch up and stay tuned

A big thank you First of all, we would like to say thank you to all of you who participated in our webinars! We kicked off the webinar season with our 16th Annual Cambridge English Spring Seminar which took place online for the first time. We had exciting plenary sessions and interactive workshops where our experienced presenters showed our attendees how to establish study habits and learning strategies to empower learners to learn more autonomously.

EVP, EGP & Quizlet with John Potts Our first webinar series was held by John Potts where we learned about the EVP (English Vocabulary Profile) and the EGP (English Grammar Profile), two free online resources that contain information about phrases, idioms and collocations as well as the words themselves. Quizlet was also presented and how to create sets of flash cards to practise grammar, pronunciation, and language skills in addition to a wide range of vocabulary-based sets.

Introducing Test & Train Apart from the webinars mentioned above we had the opportunity to host John McNeill from Cambridge University Press. In this session he talked about “Test & Train”, a new on-the-go and intuitive training tool for Cambridge Exams. This tool delivers unique, easy-to-use exam practice through short, sharp workouts centred around exam tasks for the Cambridge English Qualifications. We were proud to be the first to purchase “Test & Train”!

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What’s really in a word? With Rob Dean Our last Swiss Webinar series this season featured Rob Dean where he focused on the role that online dictionaries have in developing vocabulary and learner independence. We looked at what it means to know a word and took into consideration spelling, meaning, frequency, collocation, regional differences, connotation – and much more. Rob Dean demonstrated a selection of engaging and fun activities you can use online or also face to face with your students so that they learn and train how to use a dictionary effectively!

New season, new webinars We are very excited to start a new season of webinars with new and exciting topics. In September Tim Black will be talking about «Are your students getting it?  How to find out!».

In this series of two webinars, one with hands-on activities, we will be looking at how to test the progress of your students preparing for a Cambridge English Qualification.  What goes into a good test that will show you if your students are getting what you are teaching them…. are they on the right track making progress or where is more support needed, etc. The aim of these two webinars is to show you what a good test should contain in order to be reliable and effective.

Make sure to reserve following dates to participate in the webinars:

- 1 September 2021           17:00 to 18:00 pm - 15 September 2021        17:00 to 18:30 pm

Since we always want to support you the best way we can, please feel free to send us feedback, or even topic recommendations for future webinars to

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