How will exams be administered in the future?

How will exams be administered in the future?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, a very disruptive time for education all around the world started. Schools and universities struggled to provide online classes and exams for their students. What will the future of exams look like?

How will exams be administered in the future?

Changing World

Covid-19 forced the suspension of many, if not most, face-to-face programmes and this forced schools/organisations to migrate to the online world to maintain their classes, courses, language training and many more.

Due to this situation, we were all forced to find new ways of working, learning and interacting with each other. There have been some very exciting technological developments which enabled students to continue to make progress in learning and prove their skills to schools/organisations, even when they were unable to attend face-to-face classes or their plans to go abroad were cut short.

What options are there?

Linguaskill is the perfect solution to prove English language skills online, due to its remote proctoring possibility, Linguaskill can be taken anywhere and anytime with the help of artificial intelligence. Remote proctoring of the tests also ensures the security of the tests. The test is available for English and Business English and covers all skills: Speaking, Reading & Listening and Writing. The results use the internationally recognized CEFR standard to demonstrate qualifications for job applications, study programmes and personal progress, or can be used as an addendum to an online career profile.

Results are available within three to five working days and are recognised by an ever-increasing number of institutions worldwide. Innovative Artificial Intelligence technology makes the testing process accurate and fast. Thanks to Linguaskill, high school/university students or employees will be able to quickly prove their level of English to validate their end-of-year diploma or to enter a prestigious school/university or organisation.

Skills of the future

In addition to Linguaskill (now already offered), Swiss Exams also includes other online tests that can be taken online, anytime and anywhere, thanks to remote proctoring. These tests cover a wide range of topics and provide modern and market-relevant skills for the future.

Registrations for this event are closed. Please contact Swiss Exams if you wish to receive the recording.

New Normal

The pandemic has forced the entire educational community (schools, students, teachers and families) to adopt new learning methodologies, create new strategies and mature them in record time. In this context, everything related to digitalization has been of vital importance to be able, on the one hand, to learn and assess at home and, on the other hand, to stay in contact with the rest of the educational community.

To conclude, this situation has brought with it a lot of opportunities. The development started and it is beginning to move quickly with universities, schools and organisations having to adapt. The advantage is, we have become more flexible and it enables people to work, study and even prove skills from anywhere and anytime. This situation makes something clear: new ways of testing and flexibility are required.

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