How to reserve exam seats? We offer a very easy way of registration

How to reserve exam seats? We offer a very easy way of registration

Here is an important reminder: Are you planning to reserve Cambridge, Goethe, or TCF exam seats for your class? Find out more about our user-friendly and very intuitive online reservation/registration system.  

How to reserve exam seats? We offer a very easy way of registration

We are constantly improving our solutions that can help you to go through the exams seat reservation quickly and easily. Our online system is the tool that eases and highly reduces your admin efforts.

Book simply on your own if you are a student. Or as a school reserve seats for small - or large groups of candidates. You can also do block/group entries or request new exam dates and/or locations.

For Schools

Create a school account on Swiss Exams Access and then reserve the seats you need. We have a very intuitive and simple way to reserve exam seats for your class (block or individual registration). You can request a seat reservation for Cambridge English, Goethe exams and TCF.

Then you can just filter by:

  • Exam level
  • Exam type (we offer computer- or paper-based)
  • Location
  • Result release

Just login and reserve seats in 2 clicks

For individual candidates

Here is how an individual candidate can quickly register for an exam. They will choose the desired language level and then just filter more options such as "Exam level" or "Location". Additionally, they can also filter by "exam dates" and "result release".

After completing the registration with personal and payment details, customers receive a CHF 10.- voucher for exam preparation material from our online shop. For more details, take a look at our video:

Do you have any questions?

We are more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with us!

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