How to use the

How to use the

The was introduced at our annual Cambridge English Spring Seminar. In case you missed it, you now have the chance to get some video tutorials on this helpful online tool.

How to use the

English Profile enables instructors and educationalists to understand what the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) means for English. It portrays what parts of English are ordinarily learned at each CEFR level. This tells educators, educational programme designers, course-book writers, and test scholars what performance can be expected at which level.

This website contains an abundance of data about English Profile, including two creative online devices:

  • English Vocabulary Profile Online
  • English Grammar Profile Online

These are accessible databases that give you free access to the English vocabulary and language structures that are appropriate for each CEFR level.

Complete this form and get access to the online tutorials of Cambridge English Grammar Profile and Cambridge English Vocabulary Profile.

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