Linguaskill – the future of online English testing?

Linguaskill – the future of online English testing?

Cambridge Assessment English developed a new online certification where artificial intelligence assists with adaptive testing and assessment of language skills!

Linguaskill – the future of online English testing?

Have you heard of Linguaskill?

Linguaskill is a great way to test, fast, cost-effective and convenient in the office or at home.

Due to globalization the English language is becoming more and more important, and the level requested by universities, organizations, companies etc. is constantly increasing. "Linguaskill from Cambridge” is an internationally recognized online certification test for all four English language skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing). It uses artificial intelligence not only in the form of adaptive testing, but also with the help of automarker technology in the assessment of oral language skills.

Which Skills are tested?

The test looks at the following skills: Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Written Expression. The qualification has two different types:

  1. the "General" for everyday English (e.g. for university admission, employee recruitment, where no specific business language is required) or
  2. "Business" for business English (e.g. for employees in internationally operating companies). Linguaskill offers companies, universities, and other institutions a simple and very fast way to test the language level of applicants or the learning progress of existing employees.

Where does the test take place?

Linguaskill can be taken online as a distance test with remote supervision. You can take the test from anywhere you like, being home, in the company or at an institute or school. This provides learners with a reliable, secure and at the same time very flexible way to test their English level. You can choose your dates without the restriction of set dates and without having to travel to a test center.

Use of artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence not only enables Cambridge Assessment English to fully automate the evaluation of language skills in real-time but also enables new ways to improve language tests for the future. Functionality and finesse will increase, allowing the evolution of the traditional question-answer scheme into fully interactive and adaptive, conversational tasks.

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