New Cambridge Exam guides for your students

New Cambridge Exam guides for your students

These new guides will help your students to be best prepared for their Cambridge English exam. Download the guides here.

New Cambridge Exam guides for your students

Cambridge English Assessment has just released new exam guides for candidates that help all students by preparing for the exam, offering study tips, answering frequently asked questions and giving advice for the exam day. These easy-to-follow guides have been created with candidates in mind and look at on all four parts of the exam. Additionally, there is a section focusing on the next steps after the exam, e.g. how the results and certificates are communicated and what other study topics the learners can focus on.

The guides can be found below for the corresponding Cambridge English exam level:

B2 First

B2 First for Schools

C1 Advanced

C2 Proficiency

Even more exam preparation for your learners In a webinar series going over each part of the Cambridge English Exam your learners can pick up important tips and strategies that help them succeed on the exam day. Each webinar lasts 1 hour and covers one of the exam papers (Reading paper, Use of English paper, Speaking paper, Writing paper, Listening paper).

These series are offered for level B2 First and C1 Advanced:

Click here for more info on level B2 First

Click here for more info on level C1 Advanced

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