New teacher guides & free mock tests

New teacher guides & free mock tests

Profit from two new & free guides “A2 Reading Skills Key for Schools” and “B1 Listening Skills Preliminary for Schools” which help you provide effective feedback, advice and support to your students.

New teacher guides & free mock tests

Both guides give teachers the resources they need to give feedback and support to their students and pave the way to exam success. The A2 Key reading skills guide features fun activities and explains how the Reading paper is assessed. The guide to develop learners’ listening skills for B1 Preliminary for Schools is filled with useful tips and strategies, from using technology in the classroom to helping students recognise words in connected speech.

Reading skills for A2 guide Have you spent hours helping to prepare your students for the different types of reading tasks that are assessed in Cambridge English Qualifications? Then this guide is for you! It includes practical tips and real examples and will help you to develop and practise learners’ reading skills in preparation for A2 Key for Schools.

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Listening skills for B1 guide Listening skills are not always easy to practice and teachers spend many hours evaluating learners’ language skills. Take advantage of these listening skills for B1 guide which gives you great tips and authentic examples that  will help prepare your students.

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