Now - Reserve your seats with Swiss Exams Access!

Now - Reserve your seats with Swiss Exams Access!

Make sure to secure your seats for the upcoming school year now!

Now - Reserve your seats with Swiss Exams Access!

The early bird catches the worm

These days, exam dates are booked up quicker than before and we recommend securing your preferred exam dates for the upcoming school year now.

Swiss Exams Access - Reservations made easy

We are excited to offer you the possibility to easily reserve seats for an exam over our Swiss Exams Access platform. It has never been easier to make reservations for small - or large groups of candidates, do block/group entries or request new exam dates and/or locations. With your feedback, we were able to optimise our systems over the past few years. So, when reserving exam seats through Swiss Exams Access early, you can secure your preferred date and location well in advance for your class. We can approve your submission very quickly and you do not have to worry about your students' exam seats any longer. Our suggestion is to reserve exam seats for the rest of 2021 before the summer holidays. Start early and log into Swiss Exams Access now.

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If you want to work with Swiss Exams Access but do not yet have a login, you can request it by clicking on this button.

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Cambridge English Exam locations in Switzerland - Swiss Exams

We run Cambridge English Exams for all levels, computer-based and paper-based, across Switzerland. Find more information on locations by visiting this website.

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