Our Swiss Exams Tips Trio available in our online shop!

Our Swiss Exams Tips Trio available in our online shop!

Swiss Exams Tips for Cambridge English Exams. Best exam preparation for your students!

Our Swiss Exams Tips Trio available in our online shop!

Last year we published our very own Swiss Exams Tips booklet for the level Cambridge B2 First. This release was followed by two more booklets, one for level C1 Advanced in January 2021 and another for level C2 Proficiency just a couple of weeks ago. For all our Swiss Exams Tips booklets you can expect state-of-the-art tips on how to succeed at Cambridge English Exams.

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Your students benefit from:

  • 100% exclusivity – the first of its kind
  • knowledge & tips from a Cambridge expert:  John Potts
  • a boost for better results at the exam
  • study and exam tips
  • interactive learning with QR codes to videos

What is the idea behind it? We sat together with John Potts, an experienced Cambridge English teacher and teacher trainer, who has been a long-time presenter for Swiss Exams in teacher training and developed this publication. With John’s expert advice and feedback from students and their teachers as to what they really need, we produced these Swiss Exams Tips booklets in a handy format that gives students the most important information, practice ideas and tips for their Cambridge First, Advanced or Proficiency exam.

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