Spring Seminar 2020 – Registration opens in January

Spring Seminar 2020 – Registration opens in January

Our next Annual Spring Seminar will take place on 16 – 17 May 2020 in Horgen/ZH. The topic is: “Empowering your learners- developing learner autonomy” and registration opens in January 2020.

Spring Seminar 2020 – Registration opens in January

At the Annual Seminar 2020 we will be looking at how to empower your learners by giving them the necessary strategies to become better learners in the classroom and more independent learners when on their own.   The challenge will be to work on a combination of knowledge and skills as well as students’ attitudes and an understanding of how to take control of their learning.

In the plenary sessions we will be clarifying what Learner Autonomy means and why it is important to develop.  We will look at how we can develop each of the components of Learner Autonomy and at how we can encourage our students to reflect constructively at how they are learning.

The workshops will then look at how to apply that knowledge to the different parts of the Cambridge English Exams at the level from A2 to C2 that you have chosen.  Different resources, both online and traditional, training students to use Learning Management Systems and how to establish study habits will be explored together.  Different ways to work with course books, reading programmes and dictionaries will be analysed to mention just a few.

Whether you teach exam preparation classes, conversation or literature classes, you won’t want to miss this seminar.  You will benefit in any case by learning a lot about how we learn and how to motivate your students, regardless of what they are with you for, to become better, more independent and more successful learners.

Registrations for this event are closed

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