Swiss Exams 2019 & 2020

Swiss Exams 2019 & 2020

We would like to wish everyone a good start into the school year. We thank you for your loyalty and cooperation and would like to inform you of developments for Cambridge Exams for the upcoming school year 2019 -2020.

Swiss Exams 2019 & 2020

Swiss Exams Access

For the last nine months we have been developing “Swiss Exams Access”, a unique platform for Teachers, School Administrators and Candidates. This platform will allow your school to access, view and manage your students’ exam registrations in real time with Swiss Exams. The goal is that school administrators have less administrative work with a much- improved and up-to-date oversight of registrations, reservations and other relevant information. Registration closed

New Partner Development and Candidate Support Department

In order to enhance the customer service to schools, administrators, teachers and candidates, we have established a new department called “Partner Development and Candidate Support”. The department will include three staff members dedicated to supporting our clients with any enquiries they may have. Our Help Desk  is open Monday -Friday and on exam days, including weekends 24/7!

Enhancing our Swiss Exams Network -  8th Swiss Exams CB lab in Lausanne

For 2020 we have yet again extended our exam date offer across Switzerland in order to provide candidates and schools with as many flexible exam dates as possible (go to exam date list). Our latest extension to our network is the permanent Swiss Exams “Cambridge Exams” Computer Centre in Lausanne. Please contact us for exam reservations across Switzerland.

Exam Fee and options

For six years, despite investing in and enhancing our services to our clients annually, we have been able to keep price levels the same. However, with the annually increasing fees that we must pay to Cambridge Assessment and other increased costs over a six-year period, we are forced to slightly increase our fees for 2020. We were able to keep the average increase will be below 2.9 % (approx. 0.48%/Year on average, calculated back over 6 years). The fee for the highly popular exam retake option (taken by a vast majority of candidates) will remain at the same price level (CHF20.-). We are striving to keep these prices at level, as long as possible, while improving our already award-winning products and services annually.

Increased flexibility for Registrations & Reservations

For 2020 we have enhanced our registration times by opening registrations much earlier and allowing candidates to register up to a few days before the exam. For our preparation centre schools across Switzerland, our “Partner Development Team” will assist you with the reservation process and special exam date requests.

Free Cambridge Teacher Training Seminars 2020

Again, in 2020 Swiss Exams will be offering a series of free Cambridge Exams Teachers Workshops and Webinars for Swiss teachers. Please note the date (16 - 17 May 2020) for the annual two-day Cambridge Teacher Seminar taking place for the 16th time in Horgen. For all event information please look out for our monthly newsletter.

Quality and Security

As one can imagine, with the ever-increasing capabilities of electronic devices, exam security is one of our major concerns. Swiss Exams won a global award for “Exemplary Quality Assurance and Exam Security” in recognition of our “internal” inspection system in 2015. Part of our security efforts was the implementation of the so called “dead-zone bags”. At Swiss Exams, students are encouraged to bring their mobile phones along to the exams and place them in these bags (Dead-zone bags block all communication). However, please inform your students that the rule is, that during the entire course of the exams, including breaks, the phone is not to be accessed. A violation of this rule will lead to disqualification!

BEC Online Courses - a partnership with Cambridge Assessment, Speexx & Swiss Exams

Cambridge Assessment and Speexx have developed full online BEC Courses at B1, B2 and C1 levels. Swiss Exams, in cooperation with Speexx, will be providing these courses for our preparation centres, such as private language schools, KVs, Business Schools HF, FH and universities. If you are interested in learning more about these courses in a short personal introduction, please contact us.

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