#Wedomore: Cambridge English Exam dates 2020 + 2021 for Switzerland

#Wedomore: Cambridge English Exam dates 2020 + 2021 for Switzerland

We are offering more Cambridge English Exam dates during the summer break, the rest of 2020 and in 2021 in our locations in Berne, Lucerne, Basel, Aargau, Lausanne, Winterthur, Zurich, St.Gallen and Chur. The exam seats are filling up quickly so please tell your students to register now. Read on and find out why your students should take their exam now.

#Wedomore:  Cambridge English Exam dates 2020 + 2021 for Switzerland

We offer many Cambridge English Exam dates throughout the year but due to the Corona crisis we now have the possibility to offer even more dates, especially in our locations in Berne and Lucerne.


We encourage teachers to inform their students interested in taking their exam to have a look at the availability now and not to wait.

Use this link to get to our Cambridge English Exam dates and filter by exam, exam date or location.

Are they asking you why they should take the Cambridge English exam? This flyer should support you by answering this question and help the students realise what the value of a Cambridge English certificate is.

  • Post Corona Crisis: Certificates are more valued than ever
  • Cambridge English Certificates: recognised worldwide
  • Higher education institutions: a Cambridge English Certificate is expected
  • Student’s CV and LinkedIn Profile: A Cambridge English Certificate is an asset in different ways
  • Students are now prepared for their exams – they should make the best of that momentum

Download this flyer, hang it up in your classroom or send it out in an email.

We hope to support you in motivating your students.

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