Why having a certificate is even more important after Corona

Why having a certificate is even more important after Corona

In the last couple of weeks, several media outlets reported on apprenticeship and university graduates alike experiencing rough times in their job search due to the Corona crisis. Some even spoke of the risk of “losing a generation”.

Why having a certificate is even more important after Corona

Early in the crisis, we at Swiss Exams realised that in the summer of 2020, we will be in for some significant changes to our normal operations. As the weeks in the lockdown progressed, more and more cantons and educational bodies decided that they will not require their students to sit exams. As a result, we were potentially confronted with large numbers of candidates cancelling their exam.

Having experienced the 2008 financial crisis, we knew from experience that the value of certificates and qualifications will likely increase due to the expected rise in unemployment. Hence, we decided to launch a campaign, encouraging students to sit their exam soon.

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Even though it was widely reported that unemployment will rise and that the consequences thereof could potentially be severe, we were surprised that there was a significant number of students who cancelled and requested their money back although they were ready and prepared to sit their exam.

This was not the majority of candidates – that’s good news. Most of the candidates were aware of the situation and it’s those “smart” ones who now have a certificate in their CV, which may become a deciding factor in the search for a job in the months to come.

In a nutshell, looking at the job market and university requirements in today’s world, encourage your students to think about their future and encourage them to take their career one step further.

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