About Swiss Exams

About Swiss Exams

Swiss Exams is a leading organisation in exam management and was founded in 1989 as a Cambridge English Exams centre in Winterthur. Swiss Exams has over the years not only developed to the leading Cambridge English Exams centre in the country but also to an organisation which provides exam management services for several international exam boards to over 800 schools and organisations in Switzerland.

What we believe in

Since 1989, Swiss Exams has helped tens of thousands of people apply and improve language skills and professional modern work skills. Our services help people of all ages and nationalities to realise their dreams and widen horizons, whether it is to pursue an academic or professional education or training in Switzerland or abroad, to get their dream job or to immigrate to another country.

Why is Swiss Exams exactly the right choice for you

Swiss Exams has its main focus on providing “Quality”, “Reliability” and “Accessibility” to its clients in Switzerland which are candidates, teachers, schools and private organisations. For its efforts and achievements, Swiss Exams has received numerous international awards in recent years.

We were nominated and won Cambridge Platinum Centre Awards in the past. The Customer Service awards, however, is a very special one because it confirms to us that what we do to give our clients, the schools, teacher and candidates the best possible service, is really the very best.

Swiss Exams won several awards during the time of 2012 until 2015 and received  numerous badges for that.
Swiss Exams - a global award winning centre