Online Assessment

Online Assessment

These days, more and more exams are offered on the computer or online with remote-proctoring. We are the leading exam management organisation offering computer-based exams and are the provider for online testing solutions with remote-proctoring in Switzerland.

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New technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows organisations to provide assessment anywhere and at any time, while guaranteeing full security standards. In other words, candidates do not need to come to a designated place at a pre-arranged time to do a high-stakes exam, they can take their test from a place and at a time that suits them best with "remote-proctoring".

Here are just a couple of benefits for candidates and organisations:

  • fast results (from 24 hours to 3 working days)
  • exam can be taken anywhere (some test takers feel more comfortable in the room they have prepared themselves for the exam)
  • exam can be taken at anytime (every candidate is different, some can focus better in the mornings, others in the evenings)
  • worldwide recognised exams

Swiss Exams offers online exams with remote-proctoring through Swiss Exams Skills. Get in touch to find out which online assessment is suitable for your organisation.


What is computer-based testing?

Vier blaue Stühle pro Arbeitsplatz mit einem Computer. Computer ist aufgestartet und zeigt die Homepage der Prüfung an.

We have also been offering exams on the PC since 2006 and were awarded in 2015 by Cambridge English (Part of the University of Cambridge) for the pioneer role and excellence in offering Cambridge English computer-based exams.

Today, we provide computer-based testing for exams (Cambridge English, IELTS, Linguaskill, TCF) throughout Switzerland. Do your learners still take their exams on paper? We will be happy to advise and support you in switching to computer examinations.

What's the difference between on-site and remote-proctored exams?

On-site exams = Candidates take their exam in a location and at a time we provide. Therefore, candidates go to a location to take their exam on the computer. They are supervised in a "prepared exam hall". All they need to do is to arrive as requested and write the test on the computer.

Remote-proctored exams = Candidates don't take their exam from a designated place/time but decide themselves where/when they would like to take their test. Candidates are still guided to and through their online assessment step-by-step but they are responsible for their "exam room" being setup as required. We still take care over the administrative side of things from the registration to the result, give clear instructions and guidelines and guarantee full security and data standards.

Why to choose computer-based exams over paper exams

Computer-based exams bring indeed many benefits. Here is why you should choose computer-based exams for your students:

  • They will receivefaster access to results-online within 2-3 weeks after taking the exam (which means they get their certificate in 8 weeks)
  • The online timer and help functions (i.e. word count) allow your students get the best performance (definitely less stressful for most students not having to go through their text)
  • They can edit their answers during the exam and highlight important parts (makes it more practical than having to erase and rewrite etc…)
  • They can adjust the volume for the listening part to suit their needs as they use headphones (less distraction, less stress, more focus)

If you wish to learn more about computer-based exams, offer them at your school or have questions related to the preparation of these exams, please get in touch.

Linguaskill by Cambridge for Education institutions

Linguaskill by Cambridge provides an efficient way to assess English language levels on admission, monitor progression and check your students meet language requirements for graduation.

  • Admissions: Assess students’ language levels on admission.
  • Graduation: Prove your students meet exit requirements.
A graphic showing people at a laptop or phone on books with a graduation hat illustrating online exams that can be taken from anywhere, anytime, online.

Linguaskill by Cambridge for Employers

A graphic illustrating a person walking up the stairs. It says "English" in the background and illustrates that the person improves by taking English Level tests.

You can use Linguaskill in recruitment to ensure applicants have the right language skills for a role, or to measure the effectiveness of staff language training.

  • Recruitment: Hire employees with the right English skills.
  • Progression: Measure improvement in language ability over time.

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