For HR, Recruitment & Training

For HR, Recruitment & Training

Does your workforce have the skills to perform effectively? The ability to communicate well in different languages, especially English or to work efficiently on the computer is essential for many businesses. Have a look at the solutions we can provide you with.

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Language Skills

The ability to communicate well in different languages, particularly English, is critical for many businesses. With our services in providing globally recognised exams and tests from various exam boards throughout Switzerland, you can choose from several options from one single partner.

The Online English Level Test with fast results

Linguaskill by Cambridge can help very quickly to ensure your staff has the necessary English skills to be effective, either through administering the test at the point of recruitment or for measuring skill levels among current employees to develop their ability through training. This will save you money and give you the time needed for effective recruitment and training monitoring.

A woman is sitting in a job interview. A woman and a man interview her and look at her CV and at her English skills.

Digital language training in the company

A woman with headphones sitting in front of her computer looking at her screen. She is taking an online language course.

Is your company expanding abroad? Do your employees need to communicate with customers and partners in other languages? We have the right solution for you. How about online language courses, tests, coaching and reporting in the cloud for your company? Or a dedicated Cambridge exam preparation course?

Advantages for Swiss Exams corporate clients

Read what our partners say and also put your trust in Swiss Exams. You will benefit from exclusive advantages.

  • First-class consulting expertise. Rely on our many years of experience in business as well as our references, over 800 partnerships with schools and organisations.
  • Tailor-made solutions for your company. We advise you and together we find solutions that suit both of us.
  • Efficient administration. We take the administrative burden off your shoulders. Our self-developed tool Swiss Exams Access is a great help to us all.
  • Individual support. At Swiss Exams, you and your staff are advised free of charge and in German/English.
  • Other benefits. As a Swiss Exams partner, you benefit from advantages such as group/block registration, user-friendly registration processes, collective billing, late registration, exams on the computer, free events and more.

Expats, immigrants, new hires in your company?

Six people, four women and two male, are sitting on chairs waiting to get picked up for their job interview. They are all holding their certificates and job interview documents in their hands.

Do expats, immigrants, new hires working for your company need to learn a new language or put the finishing touches on it? This is not only helpful for their work, everyday life and CV, but also a personal sense of achievement. We offer the globally recognised German exam by the Goethe-Institut, the Linguaskill Business English Test by Cambridge as well as the TCF, the French exam from France Education International. The Goethe-Zertifikat and TCF test are recognised by fide.

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