4 Reasons why English Language Qualifications matter after Corona

4 Reasons why English Language Qualifications matter after Corona

Corona has changed many things in our lives and will change things to come. We believe that the significance of holding an English qualification will be more important now than ever before.

4 Reasons why English Language Qualifications matter after Corona

1. Competition

The current rise in unemployment is evident and, arguably, we have not yet seen the end of it. Perhaps, the real consequences in regard to unemployment will only be seen in the next 12 to 18 months. We know from previous crises, that the importance of qualifications increases in the aftermath. Hence, holding an English language qualification can contribute to a competitive CV on the job market.

2. Internationalisation

It is highly likely that cross-border economic activity and trade will considerably increase after Corona to compensate for lost revenue and to satisfy consumer demand. As a consequence, it can be expected that jobs in international businesses will increase. There is hardly an international job in which English language skills are not at the centre of basic requirements in anyone’s skills portfolio.

3. Higher Education

Many young people use the time of higher unemployment to invest in their careers with continuing education. Many higher education institutions require Cambridge English qualifications as entry requirements to a large variety of programs, in Switzerland and abroad.

4. Skills-focused education

Looking at reforms going on in education, one can see that the focus is on skills- rather than knowledge-based education. What people can really do and which skills they can employ matters more than how much they know. Since Cambridge English exams have always been skills-focused, we anticipate that their importance will increase in education and on the market.

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