Boost your students’ Employability Skills

Boost your students’ Employability Skills

Improve your students' chances for career success with Cambridge’s comprehensive Employability skills online self-study resource. Aimed at B1 level English speakers and above, this course specialises in the soft skills that employers value most.

Boost your students’ Employability Skills

The Employability Skills is an innovative online module that consists of 8 engaging units, all carefully crafted to support employability skills through the medium of English. Available through the intuitive Cambridge One platform, the module is versatile, serves both teacher-led classes and individual student use.

The course is structured to automate activities where possible, allowing for instant feedback that is both efficient and motivating. Teachers will appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of Teacher’s Notes, which provide invaluable insights into class management, presentation tactics, and the effective use of worksheets.

See more details on Employability skills in Cambridge brochure.

Experience the English language as it is used in professional settings

This module is not just about learning; it's about experiencing the language as it is used in professional settings. All resources, from videos to audio scripts and glossaries, are stored in the Cambridge One teacher resource folder, ensuring that everything you need is just a click away.

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