Cambridge English Qualification Digital: New sample tests

Cambridge English Qualification Digital: New sample tests

The introduction of Cambridge English Qualifications Digital has produced a demand for updated preparation materials and comprehensive sample tests. This article provides an overview of what is newly available.

Cambridge English Qualification Digital: New sample tests

Cambridge English is switching from the current, computer-based exam delivery to Cambridge English Qualifications Digital. It's still the computer-based exam you trust, but with some major tweaks that make a world of difference, like results within 5-10 working days, increased exam security and more available exam days.

The core competencies and assessed knowledge remain consistent with the traditional computer/paper-based exams. The existing prep materials are still suited for exam preparation. However, to optimize your preparation, we highly recommend getting comfortable with the digital interface via Cambridge updated preparation materials and sample tests that show you the digital experience through practice activities.

Students preparing for Cambridge English Qualification Digital.

These include a range of digital sample tests and illustrative video tutorials, all designed to enhance the familiarity with the digital exam format.

Please note that the new sample tests will be valid for Cambridge English Exams beginning April 1, 2024.

Discover the new preparation materials and free sample tests for Cambridge English Qualifications Digital

A sample test is a valuable resource that includes various modules, such as listening, reading, and writing, presented in an online test format. Each sample test comes equipped with an answer key and tape script, providing you with a complete toolkit to effectively test English proficiency before the actual exam.

Access these valuable tools and take advantage of the free sample tests to ensure your students are fully prepared for your Cambridge English assessment:

Tip: For more infinite attempts and hundreds of training questions, check out the online mobile-friendly Test & Train.

To recap: The advantages of Cambridge English Qualifications Digital

  • Speedy results: Expect results within 5-10 working days
  • Unmatched flexibility: More exam dates for students and on-demand solutions for schools
  • Enhanced exam experience: The digital format delivers a user-centric experience, empowering candidates
  • Robust security: Benefit from the enhanced security of randomized test content, ensuring the integrity of the Cambridge English exam

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