Cambridge exam day regulations: A short guide before the exam

Cambridge exam day regulations: A short guide before the exam

As the peak time of Cambridge English exams approaches, we would like to provide you and your students with valuable information for a better understanding. Let´s explore some practical tips to help your students feel more confident about exam day rules. Familiarity with these Cambridge guidelines promises a smoother experience.

Cambridge exam day regulations: A short guide before the exam

Fairness, security, and integrity are the cornerstones of the exam environment. Cambridge's clear rules and guidelines are designed to uphold these principles.

Thanks to the insights from our Customer Survey, we know what students usually tend to forget. So, drawing from this feedback, we are spotlighting 6 crucial exam day regulations to clarify the process for your students.

Please keep in mind that these regulations apply to all types of Cambridge exams – both computer-based digital and paper-based.

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1. Reading out the rules and instructions

Imagine the hush that falls over the room as the exam is about to begin. Our exam staff will always remind everyone of the rules and instructions before each exam paper, not because they doubt your students' intelligence, but to make sure everyone is crystal clear on how to proceed. It is like a guide ensuring every traveller is well-informed before the journey begins.

2. Essential ID check for exam-ready ´travellers´

Just as a seasoned traveller checks their passport before a journey, so should your students ensure their identification is current. It is a simple act, yet as crucial as a key to a treasure chest.

Remind them to verify the expiry date because they will only be allowed to sit the exam with valid official photo identification.

Cambridge exam day regulations I Swiss Exams

3. ID check before each exam part

Our exam staff are tasked to recheck candidates’ ID documents before every exam component. It is a simple, friendly affirmation of their identity. And when they come back from a break, we will be there with a quick confirmation, making sure every student feels recognized and the exam narrative stays true.

4. Keeping it fair: No phones and wristwatches

To keep things fair and square for all, students won't be able to use their mobile phones and wristwatches during the exam—breaks included. It's a good idea to give a heads-up to families, just so they know. And for any snack cravings during break time, having a credit card handy is a smart move, since phone and smartwatch payments won't be an option.

Their trusty tech companions will be safely tucked away in the Blue Deadzone Bag, sitting under the desk throughout the exam.

Cambridge exam day regulations: A short guide before the exam I Swiss Exams

5. Pre-Exam checklist: Leave extra gadgets behind

Bringing electronic devices into the exam room is prohibited, phones being the only exception. So, laptops, tablets, e-readers, iPods and the like should stay out of backpacks and away from the exam space.

Encourage your students to do a quick backpack audit before they leave for the exam to ensure they only take what they are allowed. Our exam staff can't look after these items, so anything brought along will have to fend for itself outside the exam room.

6. Drink smart & Save snacks for the break

A little heads-up: when it comes to staying hydrated during the exam, water in plastic transparent or re-usable metal/plastic bottle is allowed in the exam room.

The bottle will be stored under students´ desk and make sure it's free of any English wording. And while we are all about brain food, actual snacks will need to wait for break time—so we suggest your students pack a little something to nibble on then, as food's a no-go in the exam room.

And now, with all these tips in mind, there's only one thing left to say: Good luck to all your students on their exams!

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