Cambridge introduces: The new exam preparation hub

Cambridge introduces: The new exam preparation hub

Preparing your students for exam success? Look no further – Cambridge's new Exam Preparation Journey is specifically designed for you – teachers. This comprehensive resource hub simplifies your test preparation and helps introduce students to the exam format effectively.

Cambridge introduces: The new exam preparation hub

What will you find here?

  • Instant expertise: Dive into a collection of regularly refreshed content. You will find articles, instructional videos, and downloadable materials that you can integrate into your lesson plans.
  • Support that aligns with your syllabus: Cambridge Exam Preparation Journey works in tandem with your course timeline. Tailored resources guide you and your students smoothly through each stage of the exam preparation process.
  • A spectrum of all levels: No matter where your students are on their English language journey, from A2 Key for Schools to C2 Proficiency, these Cambridge preparation resources are crafted to support every level of learner.

Navigating the Cambridge exam preparation journey with educator resources

The pathway to success is divided into 10 intuitive chapters, leading right up to the big day of the Cambridge exam. First, 'Starting the Journey' offers you a suite of resources such as comprehensive handbooks, past exam papers, and sample tests. Moving forward, 'Feedback Moments and Engaging with Parents' provides insights into nurturing growth and maintaining transparent communication with stakeholders in your students' education – their parents.

Step into the Cambridge Exam Preparation Journey here!

Teacher with students - preparing them for language exam

While Cambridge is developing the final chapters on building confidence for exam day, navigating the exam, and deciphering results, you can currently delve into our available materials dedicated to these topics:

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