How are computer-based and paper-based Cambridge English Exams the same/different?

How are computer-based and paper-based Cambridge English Exams the same/different?

Are you hesitant to enroll your students for a computer-based exam? Do you feel like you have prepared them for a paper-based exam and, therefore, think a computer-based exam does not seem suitable for them? There is no reason to not also consider computer-based exams. Read on to get more insight into the benefits of computer-based exams and understand why this demand is constantly increasing.

We run exams across Switzerland, always trying to be close to the students. As the demand for computer-based exams continuously increases, we are offering more of this exam type. Since this is the case, we thought you might find it helpful to see the benefits and get some insight into computer-based testing.

We often receive questions regarding differences between computer-based and paper-based exams.

Let’s first look at what stays the same

  • same format: same time frame
  • same registration: easy and fast
  • Swiss Exams Access Candidate portal: all exam information in one place
  • same Speaking Test: in person with a speaking partner on a scheduled exam date
  • same Cambridge English Certificate / looks exactly the same and does not state if the exam has been taken on a computer or on paper.

Benefits of Computer-based testing

  • ideal if students are more comfortable with a keyboard and mouse than with pencil and paper and there are additional benefits:
  • Faster access to results with scores available to be seen online in just three weeks after the test.
  • The test is easy to understand and the online timer and help function allow students to get the best from their exam performance.
  • Students can edit their answers on screen during the test.
  • Students can adjust the volume to suit their need because of the use of headphones for the listening tasks of the exam.

We regularly run Cambridge English computer-based exams in Winterthur, Zurich, Bern, Basel, Luzern, St. Gallen, Lausanne and Chur.

The most frequently asked questions on computer-based testing

  • Do I have to bring my own hardware? No, you do not have to bring your own PC nor a keyboard or headphones.
  • Is the exam content the same as for paper-based? Yes, it is the same length and the same level of difficulty.
  • Can I highlight or add notes? Yes, you can highlight and add notes.
  • Do I receive paper on which I can make notes? You receive one sheet of paper for each part of the exam which you can use for notes. However, that sheet of paper is collected after each part of the exam.
  • When will I receive the results? The results are available latest 3 weeks after the exam. This is an advantage to paper-based exams where the results release is after 4-6 weeks.
  • I would like to have a look at a sample test. How can I do so? You can find free samples on our website.

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