New Linguaskill - A Cambridge Qualification "on the go" - Webinars for teachers

New Linguaskill - A Cambridge Qualification "on the go" - Webinars for teachers

How to integrate Linguaskill from Cambridge exam prep into your normal English classes.

New Linguaskill - A Cambridge Qualification "on the go" - Webinars for teachers

This spring will initiate a significant change in the Cambridge English exams landscape. The Business English Certificates (BEC) are retiring, making way for a new, adaptive, and certified exam: the new Linguaskill Business. So, mark your calendars for our upcoming webinars, where we introduce you to the future of Business English Exams.

We have developed a webinar series of five workshops, explaining how schools can integrate the new Certificated Linguaskill Business (and Linguaskill General) into your normal English curriculum and classes, without having to offer a special or separate Cambridge preparation course.

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Teachers are at the centre of this 5-part –webinar series. Developed by teachers for teachers, the webinars will focus on practical aspects of introducing a new exam to your classrooms. Certificated Linguaskill Business is the new and first certificated multilevel Business Languge Exam from Cambridge, offering all students with level B1 and higher a guaranteed international language qualification from Cambridge, as they move along with their regular English or immersion classes within their curriculum. Taking into account the adaptive, learner-centred nature of the exam, the webinars will explore the following topics.

New Linguaskill - A Cambridge Qualification "on the go" - Webinars for Teachers

21.03. Introduction to new Linguaskill Business

To kick-off the series, we will introduce you to the new Linguaskill Business exam. We will discuss the adaptive test technology and look at how and why AI is used.

26.03. Understanding Linguaskill Business modules Reading & Listening

14.05. Understanding Linguaskill Business modules Writing & Speaking

In the second and third webinar, we will take a closer look at the content of the new Linguaskill Business exam and how to prepare your students. Get ready for concrete tailor-made tools, tips and tricks for your classroom.

04.06. Bridging Linguaskill exam preparation and immersion classes

Our webinar will teach you how to integrate Linguaskill exam preparation in your immersion classes on the go. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of teaching English outside of English class. During this webinar, the focus will be on how to bridge the gap between teaching subjects in English and preparing your students for an English (Business) exam. We will present you with a unique way of bringing Business English topics closer to your students, outside the traditional English curriculum.

11.06. AI, Linguaskill and your classroom

During the last webinar, we will take a deep dive into the exciting world of digitalization, with a focus on digitalization in the classroom. Using AI and digital technology to integrate Linguaskill preparation into your classroom in a productive and exciting way.

Mark your calendars for these important dates, as the opening of registration is just around the corner.

Stay tuned! We will definitely keep you updated.

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