Remote proctoring: The A-Z of AI-enhanced assessment solutions

Remote proctoring: The A-Z of AI-enhanced assessment solutions

Remote proctoring represents a close-at-hand solution. The days of scepticism are gone! We invite you to explore the present reality of AI-powered remote proctoring by Certify Assessment Solutions. This solution offers real-time identity verification, and supports a variety of interactive task types, like “drag and drop” or “hotspot questions”. Read more about the seamless integration of the entire assessment process, from start to finish.

Remote proctoring: The A-Z of AI-enhanced assessment solutions

How does AI revolutionise remote proctoring

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) has boosted remote proctoring, making it a highly manageable and secure task from anywhere in the world. AI's ability to monitor and ensure the integrity of examinations is at the forefront of this transformation.

The SmarTest Invigilate by Certify Assessment Solutions exemplifies this innovation with a robust lockdown browser and AI-assisted live proctoring. Record and review capabilities, along with an additional mobile camera option, significantly enhance test security.

Moreover, AI empowers end-users by simplifying the exam experience. It provides real-time identity verification, ensures attention is maintained throughout the assessment, and offers immediate assistance through automated queries. This tech-driven comfort eases nerves, paving the way for candidates to shine.

Curious about AI’s specific contributions?

Here’s a snapshot:

  • Live proctoring: AI assists proctors by instantly flagging possible violations, such as leaving the exam screen, using unauthorised devices, or the appearance of another individual. These alerts enable timely interventions to safeguard the test’s integrity.
  • Record and review: In post-session review, AI continues to monitor exams in real-time, flagging any anomalies as they occur. These time-stamped flags are recorded for later review by the reviewer. The reviewer accesses the library of flagged incidents to ensure a thorough assessment of potential misconduct and uphold assessment validity.

Delving further into AI’s proficiency during both live and review sessions, it can detect for example absence of a test-taker, the presence of another person or the use of a smartphone.

Remote proctoring: The A-Z of AI-enhanced assessment solutions

Remote proctoring enables a multitude of task types

There is no need to restrain the exam options and possibilities when they are remote-proctored. A versatile authoring and delivery platform for crafting and administering exams could effectively support a multi-language interface and enable global accessibility.

The platform by Certify Assessment Solutions (SmarTest Examiner) is the perfect example. It facilitates the bulk upload of question items, robust test creation, and detailed performance reporting, ensuring a seamless experience for both test creators and takers. This remote proctored solution includes user-friendly question authoring feature, offering a range of interactive question types beyond traditional multiple-choice, including "drag and drop", "text box", and "hotspot questions".

Remote proctoring online platform

Streamlining assessment from start to finish

Is remote proctoring too elusive? Consider the possibility that everything needed for exam administration can be managed in one place – from candidate registration to venue management.

With Certify’s solution (SmarTest Nexus), the exam scheduling and booking process is simplified, and payment gateways are integrated, all designed to ease the assessment journey for test-takers.

For instance, institutions can easily organize global exams across time zones for participants from various continents. Payment integration means candidates can secure their spot without navigating away from the platform.

In a nutshell, the process can be automated from A to Z. Test-takers can make a payment, register themselves for an exam, and take the exam while being proctored - ll of this using the above-mentioned solutions.

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At Swiss Exams, our expertise in online computer-based examinations, especially in remote proctoring, is well-established. As the official provider of Linguaskill in Switzerland we have refined our skills over the years to ensure we offer unparalleled services. Our experience ensures that you receive the most reliable and cutting-edge online exam solutions available. This is why we strive to partner with the best, to bring you the best solutions. One such partner is Certify Assessment Solutions. Together, we created this article, drawing on our shared experiences with remote proctoring.

Established in 2018, Certify Assessment Solutions has its roots in International Testing & Training Services, an organization founded in 2009 by a team of experienced educators. The company has built a reputation for delivering outstanding testing experiences and specializes in secure, user-friendly testing solutions. Their services encompass remote proctoring, test creation, and management tools that cater to both home and test centre environments.

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