Save money: Benefit from our Exam Retake Option

Save money: Benefit from our Exam Retake Option

Let your students know about the Exam Retake Option (ERO) they can use for all Cambridge English exams with Swiss Exams. This option can save them money in case of unforeseen circumstances and give them a chance to take a substitute exam for free. For more information, see the most frequently asked questions about this option.

Save money: Benefit from our Exam Retake Option

Why choose the Exam Retake Option

Each year, there are candidates that are unable to attend their exams due to unforeseen circumstances such as sudden illnesses, transportation issues, or personal emergencies. To accommodate these situations, students can choose the "Exam Retake Option" (ERO) when registering for the Cambridge English exam, for a fee of CHF 26 per candidate.

Benefit from our Exam Retake Option I Swiss Exams

This allows them to retake the exam free of charge within a 12-month period at any Swiss Exam location across Switzerland, offering considerable financial savings.

How it works

When a candidate opts for the Exam Retake Option and later encounters unforeseen circumstances (see the ERO Summary Regulations), they provide us with the necessary proof by email or via their Swiss Exams Access account.

Request for Exam Retake Option Code I Swiss Exams

We will issue an ERO code for use when registering for the substitute exam. Candidates can then register for the replacement exam via our registration page, simply entering the code in the “Payment option” section.

Block registration for schools

As a school, you can also use Block Registration – group registration in our Swiss Exams Access. This feature allows you to reserve exam dates and register your students, either individually or in bulk using a template.

Block registration for schools I Swiss Exams

You can easily select in the drop-down menu (either in the Excel block entry template or online on our platform) whether a specific student is opting for Exam Retake Option. We highly recommend taking this step. Ultimately, the decision depends on each candidate's preference.

Block registration for schools I Exam Retake Option I Swiss Exams

All you need to know: Exam Retake Option FAQs

How to get the Exam Retake Option code?

To receive the ERO code, you need to submit the incident proof within 5 days of the exam. Send your proof via email or through your Swiss Exams Access account to our customer support team. Once we review and validate your submission, we will send the ERO code to you via email.

How to use the Exam Retake Option code during the registration process?

At the end of your substitute exam registration process, during the payment method step, you will see an option for the Exam Retake Option (ERO) code. Simply enter your ERO code in the designated field as the final step to complete your registration. This straightforward process makes it easy to apply your ERO code and secure your exam retake.

How to use the Exam Retake Option code during the registration process? I Swiss Exams

How many times can the Exam Retake Option code be used?

The ERO code can only be used once for one substitute exam.

Once it has been registered with a code, the registration cannot be changed or reused. This one-time use policy ensures the integrity and fairness of the retake option.

In which language must medical proof be submitted?

To validate the need for an exam retake due to medical reasons, the proof must be written in one of the Swiss national languages (German, French, Italian, Romansh) or in English. This ensures that our team can accurately review and process your request without delays.

Until when must the incident proof be delivered to us?

If you experience an incident that affects your ability to take the exam, you must deliver the proof of the incident to our exam centre within 5 days of the incident. Timely submission is crucial for us to consider your retake request promptly and efficiently.

Is a SBB confirmation about a train delay sufficient as proof?

Yes, a confirmation from SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) regarding a train delay is sufficient proof for the ERO. If you were unable to reach the exam centre on time due to public transportation delays, please ensure you obtain and submit the official confirmation from SBB within the specified timeframe.

If I have to retake the exam due to illness and then fail the exam by 3 points or less, can I use it again?

No, the ERO code can only be used once. If you fail the exam by a narrow margin after receiving the code due to illness, the code cannot be reused for another attempt. This policy ensures that the ERO is used fairly and consistently.

Further details can be found in our General Terms and Conditions and here.

If you have any further questions about the Exam Retake Optino or other services, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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