For Secondary Schools

For Secondary Schools

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English at secondary school level

Why it is worth taking a Cambridge English exam at secondary school level

Cambridge examinations have become very popular at the Sek 2 levels throughout Switzerland in recent years. Our certificates offer many advantages: As proof of the level of English, they are not only well known by Swiss and foreign employers, but are also helpful for university studies at home and abroad. Not only abroad but also in Switzerland, studies are increasingly taught in English and is becoming the standard in the workplace. Numerous vocational schools, secondary schools, universities of applied sciences and universities in Switzerland now recognise the certificates because of their quality, reliability and authenticity. So anyone who passes a Cambridge English exam has learned the English language in a structured way and can communicate effectively in real, everyday situations.
**Due to this development, we at Swiss Exams see it as our duty to significantly expand our support for public schools. **

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Success stories

Sekundarschule Neftenbach

In 2021, the Sekundarschule Neftenbach decided to offer Cambridge English Preparation at their school. They prepared for the Cambridge B2 First Exams and passed it all with distinction in June 2022. Swiss Exams offered consultation, extra preparation material and support where needed.

Especially in the first year, it was valuable for me to know that I was competently accompanied by Swiss Exams. This gave me security. My questions were always answered and I felt well supported. By giving students the chance to obtain an internationally recognised certificate such as PET or First at secondary level, we as a school provide them with the best possible conditions for their future careers. Through the preparation, we have found an adequate means to support motivated pupils in English. Sarah Ackermann, Secondary School Teacher, Neftenbach Secondary School

Sekundarschule Käferholz

The Sekundarschule Käferholz have integrated Cambridge Exam Preparation into their English schedule for years. Together with Joe M. Hediger, it inspired other schools to follow this success.

We at the Käferholz Secondary School in Zurich have been very satisfied with the services of the Cambridge English Centre, under the direction of Lori Kaithan, for years. The Centre offers a simple online registration system that gives us full transparency of registrations and requires little to no effort from us as a school. Joe M. Hediger, former Secondary School Teacher, Sekundarschule Käferholz

Support course for Cambridge English Exams

A girl holding a phone in her right and some school documents for her Cambridge English Exam Preparation in her left hand. She is looking into the phone where she uses Test & Train by Cambridge for digital Exam Preparation.

Based on a project at and with the Kantonsschule Graubünden, we launched the Cambridge Exams Support Programme a few years ago, now called Swiss Exams Academy. The programme consists of supporting schools in the areas of counselling, training, preparation and exams. Part of this concept is a training webinar aimed at head teachers and teaching staff who have ever considered making the Cambridge exams available to their students at their school. Preparing for one of these exams is a great complement to English language teaching and can be easily integrated into it. Teachers receive learning materials and tools for their English classes and develop professionally along the way.
The second part of a concept is that students can buy our preparation course to enhance their Cambridge Exam Preparation outside of the usual English classes at school. We work with Cambridge English experts who guide the students through the course.
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Foreign Languages at vocational schools/commercial schools

Until now, KV students could choose whether they wanted to take the internal English final examination or the Cambridge English examination as external exam. Vocational schools usually offer the appropriate Business English exams (B1 Business Preliminary, B2 Business Vantage/ C1 Business Higher). This is changing now!
KV schools and vocational schools are currently busy with two important topics: The KV reform "Kaufleute 2023" and its foreign language concept as well as the retirement of the Business English Examinations (BEC). We want to support you in making an informed decision about which alternative you can offer your students. Therefore, we have compiled helpful materials and online information events to help you deal with these issues and decide which way to go.

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