AIA’s success story: Overcoming challenges of overseas remote proctored exams

AIA’s success story: Overcoming challenges of overseas remote proctored exams

AIA (The Association of International Accountants) embarked on an ambitious project: conducting exams remotely from the UK to Beijing, China. Utilising Certify's solutions, they successfully demonstrated the feasibility of proctoring exams across vast distances. Read on to discover their journey and the outcomes achieved.

AIA’s success story: Overcoming challenges of overseas remote proctored exams

Who is AIA and what were these exams about?

Established in 1928, the Association of International Accountants (AIA) is one of the key professional bodies for accountants and finance professionals. Based in the United Kingdom, AIA offers world-class qualifications, training, and services to support accountants throughout their careers. One such qualification exam was held in Beijing, marking the beginning of our story.

Navigating the storm: Integration and time pressure challenges

When AIA embarked on their mission to integrate their exam platform with remote proctoring solutions, they faced a series of challenges. The journey began with integration issues that caused significant delays.

To complicate matters, an error linked the wrong institute within the online proctoring platform, creating confusion and requiring immediate attention. Time became a critical factor, and with limited testing time left, the pressure mounted. Server connectivity problems and slow response times during the exams only added layers of complexity. Additionally, some students overlooked essential system checks, creating further hurdles for the support teams to manage.

638 successful exams with an impressive 88, 41 % attendance rate

Certify, as the provider of remotely proctored exam services, played a crucial role in ensuring the success of AIA's ambitious project. Their comprehensive support included live assistance during all exam sessions, verifying student schedules, and providing training to AIA staff. This top-notch service, combined with their expertise, was instrumental in overcoming the various challenges faced.

Despite the hurdles encountered, the project achieved an impressive 88.41% attendance rate across all 12 sessions. Most issues were promptly resolved, resulting in 638 successful exams taken from Certify's platform. The project also witnessed 329 support chats, highlighting the support teams' dedication.

Key takeaway

No matter how far you need to assess exams, a high-quality remote proctoring solution with thorough assistance can make it happen for your organisation. This success story proves that distance and complexity are no barriers to achieving your remote-proctored goals.

This could be your success story too!

Let us know if you are thinking of conducting remote proctored exams.

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