Revolutionising Remote Assessments at eCampus University

Revolutionising Remote Assessments at eCampus University

eCampus, one of Italy's leading online universities, faced the challenge of transforming their remote assessment methodologies for over 50,000 students. This is the story of how they, in partnership with Certify, overcame policy hurdles and integration challenges through innovation and dedication, ultimately achieving a seamless remote proctoring system.

Revolutionising Remote Assessments at eCampus University

The Challenge: Technical and practical barriers

As eCampus transitioned to remote learning, it quickly became evident that their existing systems were insufficient for the demands of remote proctoring and e-assessments. Two main issues emerged: first, some proposed changes conflicted with eCampus's internal policies, necessitating swift adaptation and compromise.

Second, integrating a new software solution with eCampus's unique platform proved complex due to strict compliance requirements. Additionally, eCampus needed a separate lockdown browser feature to ensure exam integrity.

Seamless remote assessment integration with custom solutions

You don't need to fear that remote proctoring will disrupt your existing processes. On the contrary, a high-quality solution can seamlessly integrate with your current systems through custom solutions.

In this case study, the key was to understand the specific challenges faced by the educational institution and navigate the barriers imposed by company policies. By addressing these issues , it’s possible to implement effective procedures and processes that enhance the overall exam experience.

Results: Streamlined exams and enhanced student experience

After the implementation of the remote assessment solution, eCampus successfully conducted hundreds of thousands of remotely proctored e-assessment sessions concurrently. Consequently, the number of test takers encountering preventable issues and lacking access to required information has significantly decreased.

The implementation of the remote proctoring solution not only saved resources for eCampus but also improved the experience for exam takers, leading to a substantial return on investment.

This success story could be yours too

By embracing innovative solutions and overcoming challenges, you can transform your remote assessment processes and achieve exceptional outcomes.

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